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Friday, May 19, 2017

Pockets Filled With Sprinkles: Our Visit To The Museum of Ice Cream

How did I get here? I wake up in a pool of tiny rainbows. I feel like I've been turned to ice cream soup. Was it something I ate. Was it all the pictures I took.
Nah, it was just that I went to The Museum of Ice Cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream
2018 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Sold Out for May
*I heard from staff that they're adding three months of being open, because the place was so popular, so if you missed out, wait for an update, because tickets will go fast.
Valet $6 for two hours
Pay lots, be sure to check how much they charge for more than two hours

Check out all the photos of the place going up on Instagram.

Going through The Museum of Ice Cream is sort of making yourself into the beloved frozen dessert. You're gonna get all the extras put on you, you might consider another frozen goodie and along they way you might sample something else.

The pink painted building has a waiting area outside to play some simple outdoor games if you arrive early. Then it's into a line and groups of 15 or less can come in, they want to time entry so there's no build-up. You go from room-to-room and when you're done, you can't come back.

First up, some free chocolate from Dove than a strange telephone call about ice cream. After that you get some free samples from the well-known ice cream maker McConnell's; the flavor should switch every two weeks. It's a tasty tidbit that starts your hungry for more ice cream.

The first tasting room itself looks like a set from a music video, as does every room at The Museum of Ice Cream. The background, the stars on the ground with ice cream changed names. It's what an ice cream shop should dream to be.

Next on the path is the banana swings and banana room. You'll go bananas and quickly tire of the puns, but will want to take shot after shot of the hanging fruit.

After is the mint room, which smells nice and fresh. Here you'll get some chocolate chip mint mochi.
Next is the rainbow room, which as a straight guy didn't appeal to me as much as the ladies who were on a non-stop shot for shot of everything in that room.

Beyond that was one of my favorites, the popsicle room or popsicle paradise. You'll just have to stop and take as many fun photos with these treats in the walls and on the floor. They're really everywhere.
On your next space go get some gummy bears and take pictures with them. They creeped us out though.

After is another nice treat in a room that mixes classic art with a food fight.

Then and only then will you enter the Sprinkle Pool. A glorious feeling of your ice cream about to enter your hands when they put the sprinkles on top. Now that feeling can overwhelm you as you enter the pool of rainbow treats. Inedible I might add, so you won't have any problems in worry about that at least.

The Sprinkle Pool was our favorite attraction. The feeling of them on you, the sight of them, it's like an adult ball pit. And the photos you can take can never be without a slight smile on someones face.

After you have the other feeling and sight of seeing sprinkles shake off you and even later you might discover sprinkles still left in your pockets or some that have sneaked into your car.

That's the end of ice cream museum, almost as you're given one more treat, small pink pancakes smooshing together vanilla ice cream.

We would have loved some better products at the gift shop. They're kind of nothing special. We would have liked a little bit more ice cream on the tour. Or having at a disadvantage at least had some more ice cream to buy .

The Museum of Ice Cream is a photo-takers promised land. Filled with different rooms of such nice sights we assume a music video will be filmed there eventually. It reminded us of some of the fun MOCA's had with big ensemble shows in the past with a different room for a different artist, in this case, it was a different topping. It's a must-do for anyone in the LA area, just for bragging rights.