Monday, March 23, 2015

Shut Up, Shut Up, I have details about the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Experience to Life at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Announced today, Capcom has teamed up with Six Flags for the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Experience to Life. This inaugural weekend, March 28-29, those attending will be part of the special Caravan event. Fans will be immersed in the world of Monster Hunter with a custom setting that recreates the look and feel of the traveling Caravan from the game ( a version of this is suppose to be at WonderCon). They will also be able to meet up to play the game with fellow hunters and Capcom staff on those days.

The main change for six flags is the Goliath coaster transforming. One dedicated passenger train of the  coaster will be custom-skinned to resemble the game’s big bad, the Gore Magala monster. Nearby, you'll be able to battle the monster at game kiosks with a demo and special Monster Hunter merch will be sold in the park. The coaster stays until August 10th, so you have time to ride the beast.