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Monday, March 16, 2015

PaleyFest 2015: Arrow Panel

© Michael Bulbenko for Paley Center for Media
Saturday evening, fans were in droves waiting to get inside for CW's two top hero shows, Arrow and The Flash. The evening started with host Aisha Tyler taking stage and the cast of Arrow and crew seating down to applause. "I need a an adult diaper, " Aisha remarked being a fan, but also said, "I'm on new 52, that's all I can do."

The biggest reveal might have been in a clip from the upcoming season of Arrow with Quentin Lance, played by Paul Blackthorne, saying "I've got you know you son of a b*tch to Oliver, indicating he has figured out he is Green Arrow.

During the conversation between the cast and Aisha, she  asked how dark the season was going to get. Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen/Green Arrow said, "It's going to get worse before it gets better." With talk about how Ra's al Ghul has plans for Arrow and his friends if they don't fit in line, it looks like dark episodes are ahead. However, wants Arrow alive and to control him.

Amell also revealed his character might have to change. "There's 70 episodes of don't talk to me, 'You can only stare out broodingly out of a window so long," he said.

Crowd favorite John Barrowman/ Malcolm Merlyn was one of the many jokers during the panel. He said he can't wait to reveal more to Arrow, "I step in from behind the trash can...", a series trope of how Merlin keeps encountering the Arrow got massive laughs and applause. Arrow's lair's security system was jokingly put into question more than once during the panel.

The audience asked if Merlin would have a future romance and if it could be Felicty's Mom. Barrowman was excited by the idea and had a huge grin go over his while hearing it.

Barrowman was made fun of by Aisha again with her saying, "Your character is kind of a dick." He then responded to a question that had the audience in a rage. "Malcolm would have rather had Oliver as a son, than Tommy." He was immediately booed for saying this.

Felicity Smoak played by Emily Bett Rickards went over how her character has to talk and her feelings towards Arrow this season have changes . "He not invincible, he's not immortal. You're not." She then looked at Stephen Amell and got some more laughs.
© Michael Bulbenko for Paley Center for Media

"Everybody knows who Oliver is, "Aisha was saying. Before she was interrupted by Paul Blackthorne saying, "Except the detective." As he looked sad for the audience.

The executives on hand promised less comical moments of Oliver having to come up with poor excuses on why he's late.

"Daddy Diggle!" was shouted out by the crowd when they finally got to David Ramsey who plays John Diggle, Arrow's friend in arms.

Another moment of extreme awkwardness was when Thea Queen played by Willa Holland pretended to lick Colton Haynes face, he plays Roy Harper/Red Arrow on the show.

Before the end an audience member asked Amell what names he would give his team if he formed a new league of assassins. He elected them to name themselves. Except for Diggle. He said, "Diggle would stay Diggle."

The cast was asked, "What will season 4 be like?" Amell clapped to this in a mocking manner.

Producer Andrew Kreisberg  said, "The show will never be the same again."