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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Postcard Correspondence Online

Jude Buffum and many of the other Gallery 1988 regulars do it again, they cost me about $28 in post cards for friends. Friends that will never pay back my kindness, the bastards.

Postcard Correspondence is now online, check out my pick's before Super Punch picks theirs. It's all post cards from fictional worlds, I would have loved it if it was just video games-wink, wink, nudge to groin other pop galleries-but no, we got movies too.

Veronica Fish made a lovely “Star World (Super Mario Bros.)” piece, yet didn't do any print versions. I blame her slothfulness to finish or a clerical screw-up at World 8, you lost $5 bucks Gallery 1988! Her blog post about playing Super Mario brought back some memories. "I chose STAR WORLD from Super Mario Brothers for SNES!  Star World is the place that lets you access secret levels and then if you beat all 5 points on the star it opens up the STAR ROAD portal!  That's the little star on top of the hill's head :)My sisters and I spent many hours desperately trying to beat this sucker.  I think we did once?  Can't remember..."-Fish

Let's keep going over gaming with Jude Buffum's pieces. There's no doubt in my mind that the "Greetings from Hyrule" will be gone by the weekend's end. "Greetings from Planet Zebes and Sub-Con" might sell a little slower. Why no simple "Greetings from the Mushroom Kingdom?"

Mikeatron!'s “Welcome to World 8” reminds me of a certain indie game store in LA with the same name.

In cartoons, we have Meghan Stratman's "Greetings From The Candy Kingdom"and Oliver Akuin's “Greetins From Robot Hell”. The best of the cartoon greetings is Jordan Roland's "Camp Bart" from The Simpsons' episode of the living Hell that was Kamp Krusty.

Danielle Buerli “Maria”from Metropolis, a classic, and Jessica Roux's "Visit the Grand Budapest Hotel" were just a few from the movie worlds in the show.

"Cut It Out" The Silhouette Art of Jordan Monsell is also online now too