Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dot Arcade Review: Get Down N' Dirty With Dots

Dot Arcade
Wii U Exclusive

Dammit Dot Arcade! This fun game is as simple as it's is fun. Broken down you have three games -six if you include a secret to unlock old-school looking backgrounds- to enjoy of an 8x8 digital light cabinet. Games include Mr. Snake, a snake like game where you wrap around the screen trying to eat dots (cosmic fruit); Dodge Club, where you're a dancer in a ring of fire dodging death; and Rally Driver, a simple racer. Each game has a very simple look, that's the point, what old-school gamers or just sickos for the hard will want to pull off is racking up the points in these games. They may look simple, cept' for the side art, oh Racer Driver, you're so sexy, that's why the games E-10, but they ain't easy and you can try to master them against friends and family.

I do wish Dot Arcade had even more games, but it was two guys who made the whole thing in a reasonable amount of time and didn't have a Kickstarter for it.

Finding the secret cabinet art isn't so hard and who doesn't like a few secrets in their games that aren't DLC.

Check the game out over at Things To Do In Games. In the latest epsidoe we have one of it's creator's James Montagna, playing it and Mario Party 10.