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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Water 101 Real? Happens April 1st

Being a pretentious douche became a little bit more easy in LA with Water 101, a water tasting class for $50 at both Patina and Ray's & Stark Bar. News just hit the internet a few days ago of classes taking place at Patina with "water connoisseur", not a real thing, Martin Riese. In the class you'll learn to taste the differences in water? Maybe if it's hot or cold.

Classes have already taken place at Ray's & Stark Bar. Patina is just getting the classes this year, starting with one Feb 1 and oddly enough April 1st. Some might consider the April 1st class a joke more than it is already.

We banned a super fun giant slip'n'slide downtown to conserve water. We can't ban this thing too? I don't care if the waters imported, it keeps the douchiness too fresh here in LA.

Galco's, please have another soda tasting earlier than this summer!