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Friday, January 9, 2015

Comic Hype: Punisher Blasts Through The JW Marriott Los Angeles, Ant-Man Totally Sells Out For Film

Like an action movie that surprisingly hasn't happened yet the Punisher and a bunch of gang members duke it out at The JW Marriott Los Angeles in issue #14 of The Punisher. All the while the Howling Commandos, now in the running for worst morals in comics award for 2015, holds what little is left of Frank's family hostage in the crossfire. See, last issue the Punisher put his skull symbol on the Marriott, which had the Dos Soles Gang running to iy, trying to take the building and find The Punisher. So it guns blazing and rich tourists running as my favorite military team to hate, and I though Red Hulk's Thunderbolts were bad, have a fight with the Punisher.

Who new there were restaurants on the 24th floor? The lobby area of the JW Marriot at L.A. Live is shown off in this issue which has lovely area to eat in... if gang members aren't taking over the hotel. Artist Mitch Gerads renders the area accurately. As mentioned on the last covering of Punisher's exploits in LA, this hotel is massive. So massive it has two restaurants on the 24th floor that are from Wolfgang Puck called WP24 and The Nest. So massive that if there was a massive shootout between gangs and The Punisher they would have a lot of room to cover. You'll end up across the street if you go sideways in this place.

So for dining pleasure and so on, in the lobby, you have Ford's Filling Station, Mixology, Illy-for your coffee needs and Glance Lobby Bar. There's more place to eat once your around the corner in LA Live, but nothing has stood out to TTDILA.

We leave Punisher in bad hands and leaving LA in front of none other than the Hollywood Sign, a great place to fly in front of during a secret mission. You can see LA burning in the background in the final panel of the comic. Let's hope this run ends with the Punisher killing some bad guys atop the Hollywood Sign or just having one of the letters fall on top of a bad guy.

-Ant-Man #1

We're only bringing it up because of how much of a schil it is for the upcoming movie.

* Comic-Fan problems

Ant-Man has changed his ways so much since his run as leader of the Future Foundation in the short, but sweet FF run. He's become a huge annoying jerk, who doesn't seem very smart and is missing a pink-haired pop star as arm candy.

His daughter Cassie, seemingly brought back from the dead for the upcoming film's release, brings up how Battle Royale is better than The Hunger Games, which is true, but has nothing to do with a comic about a super-hero (?) super-jerk. The mentioning of the Drafthouse might as well have been a sign that the writers are so bored with having to write the comic they're going to tell us about their other interests which happens to be film. Ending on watching Battle Royale? Who is this comic for? Single dads with good taste in movies?

The new suit that looks more like the movie suit is explained greatly, by... Scott spent s-some money on it?

-Daredevil comes out to ruin my birthday, April 10 on Netflix.