Friday, January 23, 2015

Starr Mazer from Motivational Growth Becoming Real

Time to combine two gaming genres that somewhat ended in the 90's and revitalize them with the newest graphics in 16 bit. Take control of Brick M. Stonewood on board the Starr Wolf to fight the evil alien race of the G'ell

Here's what we wrote about the game within the film Motivational Growth:

"Forgetting the growth, I was more into the commercial of Starr Mazer, a fictional game that's on a fictional console that combined a space shooter with an RPG that looked like it was from LucasArts, g-d rest their soul.

Now go make Starr Mazer."

-Motivational Growth Review

We wanted the point-n-click and shmup adventure to come out since we saw the film. Looks like so does the director of the film. Don Thacker is finally going to start moving on it with a Kickstarter.

Here's the Starr Mazzer Kickstarter, that says if $160,000 is earned by Feb 21, they'll have the game out by April 2016 (fat chance). Just saying, every indie game on Kickstarter I've followed has been late to come out.

Kill Screen has a great article explaining the entire back history of the game so far and how people were confused by it coming out from another source, due to how slow Thacker and his team were working to get the game out.

We just want to note that Thacker is the type that doesn't excel with too much freedom, his first feature film Motivational Growth was so over the place it was a train wreck. His vision needs to be grounded by either a studio or the people around him. So giving him the freedom to do whatever he wants isn't the best idea. The freedom to do whatever he wants without restraint might cause for a long, long time for the game to come out and unachievable goals.

Take Shovel Knight, a great game that took a lot more time to come out to get it perfect to play. The team didn't even get to put in everything they wanted, they had to scale it back. Just because it may look like older graphics doesn't make it easier. The team behind Shovel Knight isn't very large and neither is Starr Mazer. I'm seeing two people on programming the game, yeesh.

Starr Mazer is quite ambitious, the game is suppose to allow multiple playthroughs with different scenarios. You meet a Space Queen, she likes you. The second time around you catch her at a bad time, so she's not a good friend.

Alex Mauer is in to do the soundtrack, he's liked by fans for his chiptune sounds.