Monday, January 26, 2015

Adventure Time Time: Eat Pizza and Look Up Anime Girls' Skirts

Glob is dead! A Lich King comet is headed to Earth, but it's really Finn's Dad driving a spaceship! Pen Ward on Twitter is all your dreams. Adventure Time is up for an Annie, ...sure it'll win...

Welcome back to our section on Adventure Time. A many time over revisited subject on the site.

First, let's see what the creator of Adventure Time has been up to, probably eating a lot more than a regular person and beard maintenance. 

Let's take a look at Pen eating pizza and looking up anime girls' skirts. Keep being the best role model ever Pen.

Pen also will send you an e-mail saying he's sorry for his comment on gamer gate, " Gamer Gate is dumb as Hell!" Jeez, it really is, anyway he's apologizing for it if you send an e-mail to [email protected] with "Apologize To Me" in the subject line.

Pen has a lovely set of fabric designs  to pick up that he designed for curtains at his place. Get'em here.
Random Sketch by Pen

Getting into the show, wow, just wow, "Evergreen" and "Astral Plane" both extend the mythos and rich nature of Adventure Time of not just being a cartoon, but a cartoon reaching to teach and think. I was amazed at the beauty and thoughts about creation in Astral Plane. Evergreen shared insight into the darkness that is the crown on Ice King's head. Both are connected by what appeared to be a comet headed to Earth, but it appears that it wasn't the same comet, Hell it wasn't even the a comet, but Finn's Dad, the jerk, headed to Earth....what will happen?

This has been making some round on the net, The Legend of Lucky Pie, it's a fan animation from China that looks very much like Adventure Time. If you can find it online watch and gasp at how strange it is. The red horse on the side is called "Pokey" by the internet, as he resembles Gumby's horse Pokey, look up the refrence online if you don't get it. Pokey has the ability to transform into a better looking horse so that the character resembling Finn can ride him. It captures much of the style of the show and if only a fan effort, nothing to be angry about.

*Just remember Adventure Time crew, you are now easily replaceable to Cartoon Network.

Adventure Time is up for Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production For Children’s Audience at the upcoming Annie Awards Jan 31, 2015. It's got some tough competition. 
  • Adventure Time
 - Cartoon Network Studios
  • Gravity Falls - 
Disney Television Animation
  • Legend of Korra - Nickelodeon Animation Studio
  • Over The Garden Wall
 - Cartoon Network Studios
  • Wander Over Yonder 
- Disney Television Animation
 Not so fast Over The Garden Wall, you were terrible. Wander Over Yonder, no so fast either.

Kirsten Lepore was teased about, doing an all stop-motion episode. Adventure Time continues to be the only cartoon series I can think of that has allowed other artists to take over the show and do their own episodes, all of which have been amazing to watch.

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