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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bud Light Super Bowl Real Life Pac-Man Commercial

So this was amazing. A man becomes Pac-Man in Bud Light's latest Super Bowl ad. This ties directly into LA as it was filmed in one night here in our own Arts district. Can't say we believe that they picked a random guy for the ad, where he plays Pac-Man in real life.

The other big question? Why isn't this real? Do that really doubt video game fans or really the average LA resident wouldn't like their shot at playing a full-sized version of Pac-Man. With the game featured in the SuperBowl and the resugence of the character through Smash Bros, will we be seeing a lot more Pac-Man this year?

Let's hope so or at least have this Pac-Man real game out here for E3.

Update: This commercial comes from Chicago-based advertising agency Energy BBDO. The whole set-up hasn't been destroyed. It's just been packed up and available to be moved. There are no plans right now of it being re-assembled or brought to a specific town, but that could all change after the Super Bowl makes the ad evem more famous, it's up to 6 million views as I write this. Other amazing bit, those Ghosts were created by the same people who made the Iron Man suits for the big screen.

 more info at mashable