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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hitoshi Matsumoto Ends January

Hitoshi Matsumoto is a funny Japanese man you've never heard of. He's a common name in Japan and a comedian whose been on TV for decades on that side of the world. You've might have seen him online in one of the man Japanese videos that make it online with pie being thrown at him or a butt farting face. In his older age, he decided to make movies. Now you can see his latest R100. For one week The Cienfamily is screening his latest film about  a lonely father getting involved with a secret BDSM society.

Friends have gotten bored with his work, his films can be a bit long and the humor hard to get, but if you do, it's magical, because his work is demented. This is one of the few chances to see his work in the US in theater. R100 will be out on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray release when the showings start. However, you won't find Symbol of Scabbard Samurai anywhere online as it's never been published in the US, legally.

Spend a few evenings in the perverted and downright insane mind of Hitoshi Matsumoto and explore a Japan with jokes both subtle to just plain dumb.

BUY TICKETS ($12/free for members. Showtimes subject to change):
Friday, January 23rd: 8:00pm (double feature w/ Symbol)
Saturday, January 24th: 7:30pm
Sunday, January 25th: 7:30pm (double feature w/ Big Man Japan)
Monday, January 26th 10:00pm
Tuesday, January 27th: 8:00pm (double feature w/ Scabbard Samurai)
Wednesday, January 28th: 10:00pm
Thursday, January 29th: 10:00pm