Monday, January 26, 2015

Dead Rising: Watchtower Looks Cringe Worthy Bad

With Leprechaun: Origins under his belt director Zach Lipovsky shows us one of the worst takes on the zombie genre with his lazy, boring trailer for Dead Rising: Watchtower. Crackle has decided to make Dead Rising: Watchtower the most forgettable zombie series coming out this year in a sad attempt to make money off The Walking Dead.

Dead Rising: Watchtower is based on a video game series from Capcom that makes fun of the zombie genre with jibes at the American way that only the Japanese could make. That was until Dead Rising 3, developed by a studio never associated with the game, Capcom Vancouver, and missing the series creator/producer Keiji Inafune. This game drew much disdain from long time fans of the series and need major updates upon release.

Zach Lipovsky shows no degree of competence in directing from his past work and with the footage shown in the trailer it confirms any sort of style that will have fans of the series or those into zombies even bothering to watch when there are so many better series and content available. Rob Riggle does not work as Frank West.