Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yakiniku Lounge Tangier Otaku Approved

Anime-themed Korean BBQ restaurant with maid waitresses.  Did I get your attention?

        The food was excellent. I went in for the Sunday through Thursday Special  which is $25.99. I got huge portions that kept coming as often as I wanted till I was stuffed. You get a selection of 4 different beefs, 1 pork, and 1 chicken with this option. It was worth it. Everything was good, but I sticked mainly with the beef. I learned rice bowls aren't included, but there only $1.50 each and endless, so you can get as much as you want.

        Included with the special was different vegetables and a huge bowl of different lettuces. The way tangier suggests to eats your meat is wrapped in lettuce, I like rice so I didn't really care.

    If your more of a rice and meat person just ask for a rice bowl or you'll have a big bowl of different green matter that will go to waste. Everything was fresh and the meat was soft and flavorful. It was a treat.
            Just look at the menus. What other places do you eat at do you get a preachy manga comic with a nonsense story akin to any Miyazaki movie?

             The design of the whole place is just fun. You enter welcomed by some friendly Japanese robot statues and waiters. The place has multiple arrangements for where you can sit including a great area in the back for huge groups with a giant pulsating screen changing color behind you. The giant screen makes you feel like your in a sci-fi anime. The have a private section for parties right past the bar which looks nice too. The private section can be closed off and seems like a secret meeting place.

          I sat at a booth and that was nice too, great for four people. You'll enjoy your meal as you look around at all the nice Japanese murals. Service was nice too, The maid waitress was courteous and helpful. Yes, a cute, nice maid waitress, not like the mean tsundere maids of Royal/T was serving me. 

          On some side notes parking isn't to hard. They don't have their own lot or valet, but parking close by is possible.

When it boils down to it I have to say it's the best place for a Otaku to unwind and chat with friends and enjoy themselves. It trumps Royal/T or any restaurant in Little Tokyo for Otaku likability. It's a damn good Korean barbecue place on it's own. I also do find it strange that the place is Korean barbecue instead of Japanese food when it is anime-themed. But who cares when it works so well.

This is a great place to head to after a long day at the upcoming Anime Expo

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Yakiniku Lounge Tangier
2138 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-2000