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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Movies I can't wait to see

These are some movies I can't wait to see. They all are ready for B-movie cult status. Some of the plots are just so out there.


This movie might be one of the new great B-movies of Japan. It's just stupid funny. The trailer itself is just brain rot. This is one that will just blow you the hell away.

Twitchfilm reported that the dvd publisher Magnet got the rights to both Rubber and Norwegian Ninja. These movies have nothing in common except for having the dumbest funny plots ever. I hope they become part of the Magnet Six shooter series which is a traveling film festival where six new acquisitions are shown at theaters.


It's a movie about a tire with telekentic powers thats sentient. Yes!

Norwegian Ninja easter message

the current trailer was cut very poorly, but if the movie keeps just half the comedy from this clip I'll be happy. From the makers of Dead Snow the Nazi zombie movie.

The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu

This just seems like a stupid, funny classic I'll be able to rewatch whenever I get bored. I love the Cthulu mythos and elder gods stuff.

Bunny and the Bull

From the director of the Might Boosh we have a great new buddy movie with super nice surreal visuals.

Dead Rising, The Movie

This will probablt come out to the states when Dead Rising 2 comes out later this year. Two words
death cart. Plus a lot first person shots. My love of zombies can't wait fot this video game inspired film.