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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's all about Anime Expo this week

Anime Expo starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. Four glorious days of Otaku fun. Sure it's overpriced, but Hell it's fun to go for one day.

*Reminder bring snacks and drinks. The food sucks, there will be no Japanese cuisine even served. I don't know why, they just haven't figured it out to sell sushi at a anime convention.

I suggest getting on the Metro line and going to Little Tokyo from the convention center. It's not too far away and your still engrossed in anime culture. There are many different Japanese restaurants to try. The have three Japanese supermarkets to buy goodies from. Plus Yamazaki Bakery. Visit Anime Jungle the best anime store in LA. They even provided a map

Don't forget you could meet and eat up with friends at Royal/T and Yakiniku Tangier Lounge. I just reviewed that place and it is the perfect anime-themed Korean BBQ restaurant.
 Here's a list of all the other anime related locations in LA if your from out of town wanna have some fun when the convention ends or get bored at it.

* Bring a gameboy or ds you might be in a line or waitinf for a show to start.

Or you could try human contact. You are at a anime convention with other anime fans. Try and talk with someone!

*Don't worry the bathrooms are clean. The food might suck, but at least you can take a crap in peace.

Check out what you want to do with there handy schedule

There are a lot of events I want to cover.

4 different otaku comedy panels are going on

1. Anime in Stand-Up Comedy Thursday at 5 somewhere

2.Indecent Otaku Comedy Show

Comedy so fun, it’s indecent! Join us for the annual comedy show hosted by and featuring comedy sketches, musical guests, and a look back in the year in anime! Come have fun with laughter and prizes galore!


3. Mega64: Panel of Los Angeles

They do video game skits and have the greatest podcast that is currently out.
The cast and crew of Mega64 are back to show off new videos and do Q&A for the fifth time at Anime Expo!

6:30PM lp1

4. Team Banzai

This event is a sketch comedy variety show will be performed in the same vein as Saturday Night Live, Mad TV and Chappelle’s Show. We will be filming the skits prior to the convention and playing them in the panel on the projector. The themes will be anime/manga, video games, comic books, cosplay, Japanese culture and convention life. We will also be performing improv comedy routines in between the skits we play.


The Black Lagoon premiere seems to be going on for three days Thurs-Sat so do try and see the violence.

There are a bunch of indusrty panels, but unless you get schwag who cares.

I'll be blogging everyday probably just pictures of the event. If I hear about any other big events I'll have a shout out.

Maybe a meet-up Sat or Sunday if anyone reading the blog wants to hang out and watch anime.