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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anime Expo Update

I'm so buying this right away. Nathan Maurer aka Captain Osaka will be selling a limited run of his deviantart doujinshi Double K. Think Gurren Lagann as a 70's buddy cop movie. Double K is one of my favorite onlie comics and the best alternae universe adaption of anime series ever.

Only Ouedan is coming from Mecha Fetus. No Paul Robertson, no Kinuko, no Jonathan Kim. Lame. No new Mecha fetus book.

Pop Surrealism artist Camilla d’Errico will have a booth at anime expo. If you've gone to any hip or fashionable store in LA you've seen her work.

here's a little info on here, but why would you chose that image for your youtube clip? Here eyes look so weird.