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Thursday, June 3, 2010

F*ing cool things I missed in LA

Jonathan Alcorn took some photos of Santa Monica Beach right near the pier. It seems marketing for the new King Kong segment of the Universal Studios Tour was well though out. I love it when crazy marketing schemes like this. Just look at how cool that is. You know anyone on the beach on June 2nd must of gone, "What the Hell?".

This  all to promote the Universal Studios Tour re-opening 4 of July weekend? Pretty damn good idea actually. Check out the new Peter Jackson 3D whatever the Hell it is segment then. Now you get the world largest 3d projector and a fight between a T-Rex and King Kong. The King Kong robot burned in the fire and is dead. Long Live King Kong!

Slash Film says look out for something happening on Hollywood and Highland

On April 24, 2010 a lucky few go to enjoy this

Yeah Star War Slave Leia car wash. Dammit I would have gone with my invisible car. Yes it's invisible , now scrub it.