Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LA FILM Festival

Being a film student in LA has it's benefits, one of those is having a film festival roughly happening every week.

Here are my top choices for the LA Film Festival. The LA Film Festival serves up some truly oddball pieces this year. Nothing sounds as great as the New York Asian Film Festival.

Here are some of my top picks movies to check out


Thu, Jun 24th 10:15pm

Regal 13 $12.00 Sat,

Jun 26th 10:00pm
Regal 13 $12.00
Seperado! starts us off. A foreign flick about a man who dons a Red Ranger Mask and teleports across the world to talk to musicians


Tue, Jun 22nd 7:45pm

Regal 13 $12.00
Jun 26th 10:00pm

Downtown Independent $12.00
Mandrill is a throwback to 70's exploataion movies. A mercernary has to hunt down the man who killed his parents, but will it cost him the love of his life. Get ready for some kung-fu moves and explosions.
Bitter Feast

Fri, Jun 18th 9:45pm

Downtown Independent $12.00

Sun, Jun 20th 10:00pm
Downtown Independent $12.00

All About Evil

Thu, Jun 24th 7:45pm

Regal 13 $12.00 Fri,

Jun 25th 11:00pm
Downtown Independent $12.00
plays with The S From Hell. The twins look so damn nice in this one.

A young girl inherits a movie theater a starts making snuff films that everyone thinks are just harmless horror movies.
The People Vs. George Lucas

Wed, Jun 23rd 8:30pm

Ford Amphitheatre $12.00

Cameo by Neil Gaiman. This movie finds every little youtube Star Wars video maker, Star Wars song writer and so on and just asks them "What the Hell happened to Star Wars?"

The Six Dollar Fifty Man

it's a short is one of the shorts screenings

Sat, Jun 19th 1:45pm

Regal 10 $12.00 Fri, J

un 25th 10:15pm

Regal 10 $12.00


Don't ever get stuck inbetween the U.S. and Mexican border when aliens try and take over the world.
Wed, Jun 23rd 10:15pm

Regal 10 $12.00 Sat,

 Jun 26th 7:00pm

Downtown Independent $12.00
Cane Toads: The Conquest

I have a Australian friend who will just be so pissed that were watching it.

Fri, Jun 18th 10:30pm

Regal 1 $12.00

Big In Japan: A Selection of Japanese Music Videos
88 min of pure Japanese crazy awesome to blow your mind.

Sat, Jun 19th 7:30pm

GRAMMY Museum $12.00

Wed, Jun 23rd 9:45pm

GRAMMY Museum $12.00

there's much more to choose from here LA FILM FESTIVAL