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Monday, April 5, 2010

EATLACMA gives off a cult vibe

I got a e-mail from art collective Material and Applications about at

Bitter Melon Bamboo Harvest this weekend at LACMA
Workshop: Bamboo Extraction and Preparation
Location: LACMA, 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, LA, CA 90036
Times: Sat 4/10 - 11 am to 5pm, Sun 4/11 11am to 5pm 11am-5pm

What they want to do is
1. Cut Down bamboo poles
2. Prep stalks/remove branches
3. Transport bamboo across campus
4. Prep site for next week when we construct.

Working with bamboo and when cutting it can suck . So enjoy that labor. They strange reason this is happening is to make room for a garden for LACMA'S EATLACMA program which will explore food as as art. The below video is from Fallen Fruit the organization behing EATLACMA. To me the video screams cult. I don't know who edited it, but it looks like a documentary about the Jamestown massacre before everything hit the fan.

I'm saying put in some good music or just make it more upbeat. Its depressing really. It just makes Fallen Fruit which sort of sounds like a sad cult name very culty.

There quote on their site seems like a manifesto

We consider fruit to be many things: a subject, an object and a symbol. Fruit often triggers a childhood memory, it’s emotional, familiar to most everyone on the planet. Everyone has a fruit story. Many of these are linked to place and family, and many echo a sense of connection with something very primal. One word for this thing could be sweetness

I don't really think there a fruit cult, but it be funny if there was one in LA and they'd wear fruit suits. Just imagaine a big banana or orange handing out pamphlets to you in front of the Mann's chinese