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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grammatically butchered review says Gizmodo and L.A. Bizarro Book Buy

L.A. Bizarro No, I didn't right this book, but maybe someday I'll right something akin to it. This book covers all the strange places in LA. Even some featured on this blog. If you've think you've been everywhere in LA this book might know somewhere your missing.
They cover strange sights you might pass without even knowing it. Areas that you may have traveled to and just didn't turn around a corner

Poor design, and some awful non-sequitor makes for a book that may have been just been better if it spent more time on nice pictures and less on terrible annecdotes. Don't get me wrong the book's core has real reasearch in it about Los Angeles and its strange, comforting, and stupid things and places to go to.

I'm quite fascinated with the Sheriffs Museum I just read about in it. It seems to have a section of showing horrible violence footage including the horrible death of two child actors via helicopter. The movie the children died making was Twilight Zone and there was a whole pointing fingers situation. What I find peculiar is why is at the Sheriffs Museum? It doesn't have anything to do with ... hhhm anything. Its a non-sequitor in real life.

Sections cover almost anything you wish to find in LA including places to eat. Random stuff to see and what tourist traps to avould like the wax museum.

Whats funny is even though the book is only about a year or so old some of the places mentioned no longer exist like Uwink in Topanga Canyon. I actually reviewed Uwink, very poorly I might add on Gizmodo. I deleted the old site that contained the review however( it was linked from Gizmodo). It makes me laugh that I was trying to do a earlier version of this blog. They said my post on Uwink was a "grammatically butchered review" and I have to say I might change the sites name to that. Here's my friends review actually titled First (Or Close To It) uWink Restaurant Review who stole my idea of sending the article to Kotaku. I still hate him for that. We went at the same time when the place first opened. I have to say he has a excellent writing style as well as a easy to understand as though he's in the room with you syntax. I wish he was as good as his writing style in real life, sadly he's a jerk in real life who steals other people ideas for reviews. The pictures are actually from my camera and I took them (HATE THAT GUY).

A different friend said that one of the writers is a former porn-star/director which explains the entire section on porn related areas. In any case it's no secret the San Fernado Vally is the porn capital of the world with some of the largest porn companies right here in L.A..  It's all happening behind closed doors, but still happening.

Thanks to the friend (not the Uwink guy) who got me this gift for my birthday, will have some more adventures thanks to it.

So buy the book for more Things To Do In LA
L.A. Bizarro: The All-New Insider's Guide to the Obscure, the Absurd, and the Perverse in Los Angeles