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Monday, April 26, 2010

Street Fighter line and Sacred Fools

*Currently working on a interview I was planning for a long time.
*Waiting on a interview questions to come back

So on Friday I checked out the Street Fighter Fight Club. The line was so huge I didn't even make it in. I waited in line for a good 3 hours, the show was packed. Some of the people from Street Fighter High School were present in full cosplay. It was so packed apparently someone stole these following items.

-Mac Book Pro

-Two (2) Kodak zi8 HD cameras
-Lots of SD cards

I am 8-bit is willing to give a reward for the items returned, no questions asked.

Then on Friday I headed to the Sacred Fool's Theater for Neighborhood 3: Requestion of Doom. This was a play about a neighborhood dealing with a new video game that using gps technology maps out the actual neighborhood you live in. Problems start to occur when the lines between reality and virtual reality start to blend. Also it involves zombies. Overall I enjoyed the play. You could however tell it was written by a non-gamer by how every game in the play could connect to the same game from any device and certain gamer words r were used without full understanding. The actors did a great job of acting out little game movements. Such as walking like a rpg character. It's a fun play to see with friends, Be warned however parking isn't free and no flash photography is allowed at the Sacred Fools Theater.

The greatest part of the play was at the end when the cute actress Amy Talebizadeh wouldn't hold hands with the actor Adam Trent. She put her hands behind her back and Adam  grabbed them to try and get her to hold his hands. Dude, she's just not into you