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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Strike Witches WTF YES

Strike Witches: Complete First Season
When you need anime that is the embodiment of Japanese anime and what you think Japanese anime should be you should put Strike Witches at the top of that list.

Strike Witches is about cute girl witches that transform into cat girls or dog girls or bunny girls with propellers for legs that shoot huge guns at aliens set in the time of alternate World War 2. This is a typical anime.Yes girls who are form different countries form the Strike Witches, a military unite of cute witches that wear  propeller legs and fly around stopping Neuroids, evil aliens that have taken over most of Europe.

Panty shots galore, fan service constantly, and just the bizarness of young girls not ever wearing pants (just panties) make this one of the best animes to come out this year. It came out in Japan a few years back, but it seems complety brand new. Back to panty shots though, every second is a panty shot. Why they're not wearing pants isn't even a question. Apparently in this universe cute girls just don't wear pants.

The strengths in this anime are the fact when the girls fire guns there firing realistic World War 2 weapons. Fan Service is felt heavily with of course the shared bath. I was amazed there wasn't a summer festival episode, but you only get 12 episodes for the first season.I felt the dubbing was top notch, too. Funimation uses the same people again and again though it's okay to hire new people guys.

Some of the best parts are the seriousness of any situation is made mute because the girls are just wearing panties. My two favorite episode have to be the panty stealing incident and when one of the girls who is that worlds Chuck Yeager (alternate history universe) breaks the sound barrier. I loved how funny it was to

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