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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lost Planet 2 Marketing is A No

Great idea, terrible execution.

I was one on many groups looking for the giant ice cubes that Lost Planet 2 decided to suddenly hurl in front of businesses around the country. I'll tell you right now there's nothing quite like smashing a giant block of ice in front of a Starbucks with many startled onlookers. Just gotta say smashing giant ice cubes is fun as Hell.

Here's all the strange stuff inbetween buildings and back alleys I found looking for giant ice cubes before I found out they were just dumped in front of places.

The main problem with this event at least in LA was the people they hired had no idea what the heck Lost Planet 2 was. The people dropping off the large ice blocks used a dolly not a truck, so it significantly slowed them down. They sort of gave up trying to do the event. My friend scored his ice blocks by the ice block delivery guy just saying, "Hey you want these". My friend  explained that the ice blocks were stacked on one another and were constantly falling off the dolly and the people doing the event weren't sure what Lost Planet 2 was.

Reading the Capcom blog it seems the event didn't start till late in the day here in LA, at least around Melrose. The real clincher is the prizes, I got for breaking the ice, as you can see below they're xbox cases, but inside of them are ps3 demo codes. That tells me whoever was doing this event just didn't care at some point or hired people who didn't care. Other prizes included toys based off the mechs and monsters in the game.

Overall the event was a great idea and I had a blast. The ground work just wasn't done by people who knew what Lost Planet 2 was.