Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Japan and Art Time is a go!

Wow, some extremely fun things happening this weekend this April

My favorite hang out Little Tokyo is celebrating the Cherry Blossom Festival. This means booths, shows, and discounts. It's always great to walk around Little Tokyo during Festival days the place is just more alive and they'll be plent to see and do.

April 10th and 11th check out the Cherry Blossom Festival

It's taking place all over LittleTokyo, but the booths and stages will be located behind the Japanese American National Museum.

Check out some of the events

They have cosplay and J-Pop scheduled as old-school cultural events to learn about Japanese life.

Japanese Film Festival Begins

Yes, the site that was poorly constructed a few weeks ago finally seems to been massively updated Japanese Film Festival LA

The festival starts this Friday with a 30 buck buffet dinner opening ceremony. The real fun strts Saturday when the movies will be shown. It seems most tickets are arounf 10 bucks which isn't that bad. The festival lasts almost the whole month of April and will be shown all over. This first weekend it's at the New Beverly Cinema. If you stop by the Cherry Blossom Festival you can buy tickets at the Kinokuniya Bookstore for the films.

I recommend Yatterman showing for Saturday night only and only once.

Don't bother with Ramen Girl there's a reason Brittany Murphy's dead this is one of them.

I also recommend seeing Happy Ending

Here's there sites snyopsis:

A young girl obsessed with horror movies and a strong dislike for romantic comedies, sees her life turn into a movie cliche of its own when the shopkeeper of a deserted rental video store begins to have mixed feelings for her. Lacking experience in love and romance, she turns to the one place where she has learned everything up till now…the cinema.

Upright Citizens Arcade
April 10th at 10pm
Video Games and Stand up comedy come together once again at the UCB theater
Together comedians and and video games sounds like a 1-up to me,

more info
UCB Theater
5919 Franklin Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 908-8702

Pizza and Chips 3

Play some games and listen to some video game based music at Pizza and Chips 3. You can even win prizes. Good prizes? I have no idea.

Thursday, March 8th, 2010

Monsterpalooza runs rampant in Burbank. The annual horror and special effects show features a behind the scenes look at all the sci-fi, fanatsy, and horror movies coming out. You can meet some actors from your favorite thriller or find out what the current special effects artist is making guts out of. Forget digital give me corn syrup and red food coloring for blood.

Marriott Hotel in Burbank
2500 Hollywood Way

Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 843-6000

April 9th-11th
20 bucks(seems pricey)

Kick-Arse Nudity

Well, they've done star wars, super heroes and even video game girls (one of my most earliest posts)

Devil's Plaground at the Bordello Bar is having a strip tease act for the charcters of Kick-Arse. It's all girl so don't worry.

April 10th at 10pm
13 bucks at the door

Bordello Bar
901 East 1st Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Kick- Arse Non- Nudity and Peter David Signing

Golden Apple seems to be giving away free stuff April 10th for Kick-Ass

on April 9th Peter David, comic scribe will be singing

Living Space art show at Giant Robot

New Work John Pham

April 10, 2010 - May 5, 2010

Reception: Saturday, April 10, 6:30 -10:00
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
wow also two book signings this week at Giant Robot

Primeval Love by Amanda Visell

April 9th rush over to The Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles for a night of checking out art of could be's and what mights of Amanda Visell's thoughs if history had gone differently and new strange animal were created. In other words checking oot at museum at night is always a cool event.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
900 Exposition Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: (213) 763-DINO

Am I On Speakerphone?

from Nucleus
Join us for a night of music and entertainment.

Admission is FREE!
show starts at 8pm
and ends around 11pm

-Scott Tang (vocals, keyboard, laptop, guitar)
-George Shaw (string trio w/ keyboard)
-Mary Rose Go (guitar, spoken word)
-Louis Hale (spoken word)
-Ted Ushirogata (magic)
-Jansen William Cudal (ukulele, songs)

Strange goings on at Gallery Nucleus 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801

NRG Electro Music Mayhem this Saturday


April 10th
650 S. Clearance St.
Los Angeles, CA 90033

College Night at Getty Center

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 starting at 6:30 p.m.
Check out the new exhibition of Lenardo DaVinci's work while your there

In Focus: Tasteful Pictures, highlighting photographs of food across the history of the medium, this was on the site and it ... man thats so stupid Tasteful pictures: photographs of food uh it's a joke a Mom would come up with it.

5PM to 8PM

Rose City Pizza
3588 Rosemead Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770