Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I love BLDBLG

I hadn't checked out BLDBLG for a month and without scrolling down two post did I find some completely strange and enticing ideas that horrify me and also make me think, "Wow that's insane how did that person come up with that.

One of the first articles Art Trap discussed the problem of the Guggenheim of the New York which is people move to rapidly through causing a lot of lines, noise, and what not. One artists idea of how to solve the problem is stick people on a rotating wall as seen below.

Now I don't care how happy the people look in the picture, the damn thing looks Hellish to me. Like some art I've scene or some sort of a video game I've played, it looks like souls being pulled into Hell. It's called Art Trap by Minsuk Cho.

Next we have the concept of the Museum of Simulated Suicides. As seen above you see how it would be to fall to your death. I love the idea of getting a certificate saying you survived. It's so Morbid you have to love it. That's why I love the site it always something out there, current, or something about LA. Check it out