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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LA Gang Tours such a stupid idea

The other day I was reading the Associated Press and was sad to see this come into existence. Starting just last Saturday was LA Gang Tours. A $65 tour around LA to the see the worst parts of it. The tour takes you on a historical(?) trip or drive-by as Fox News joked of certain sad LA locales like the LA County Jail and the Metropolitan Detention Center. You go on some unmarked small bus to those locations and gang infested areas. I'd think if they did mark the bus LA Gang Tours they would be shot at. Plus you get a lunch.

Did I mention the liability waiver in case of your death on the tour!

The site seen here LA Gang Tours is a huge load of crap. It tries to sell you that your helping the community by giving people part-time jobs when wasting money on this tour. The message which I have broken down into quotes are priceless as they are stupid. Here are some and I'm not taking them out of context.

1.We believe that educating people from around the world about the Los Angeles inner city lifestyle, gang involvement and solutions is a vital step towards a peaceful existence.

Lost me at gang involvement.

2. Your participation allows the success of a cease-fire agreement between three of the largest and most notorious gangs in L.A. history. This agreement will allow young people and children safe passage (gun fire free safety zones).

HAHAHa, I'm sorry that, that is just stupid.

3.You No Longer Need to Imagine. (End of LA Gang Tours about page)

(depressed sigh)

This tour doesn't help people, it's for rich stupid idiots to gawk at people and ridicule them and see them and that community as a zoo.

I will not be sad for anyone dumb enough to pay for LA Gang tours and gets shot on the tour. I will be sad however when it gets turned into a reality show.