Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gamer grub?

uhhhh. Gamer grub is. No, no no ... how is this a real product, it looks so stupid. I just saw this today and the lines written on the package for it are sad.

*Performance Snack (really)

*Neurotransmitters on the PB&J one

*No keyboard crumbs

uh. They come in two other flavors Wasabi and Chocolate.

Check out the site and see that they were the World Cyber Game Snack Supplier of 2008, what happened to 2009? Did the World Cyber Games end or did the site's maintenance.

No , idea of taste. Try at your own risk.

Gamer Grub

The sad thing is it looks like it's good value. The product is filled to the brim unlike most products today.

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