Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash happening next week and I'm gonna miss it

The trailer above is for this years Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash. Man I love writing that, Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash is a brain melting multitude of Japanese matter of crazy frantic funny. Insane clips are shown for 90 minutes of the strangest footage from Japan. This includes wacky game shows, commercials, American celebrities cameos, and more from the land that gave us the anime about girls with airplanes for legs.

This all happens at the amazing Alamo Draft House which is considered one of the best movie theaters in America for it's service and special event screenings and serving full meal in theater.

Sadly, it's in Austin, Texas. Hopefully they'll eventually bring a screening of it here one day.


Every Monday starting Jan 25th - Feb14 right after Valetine's Day

oh Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash have a heart and come to LA