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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jon Eric Tongren You Suck

I just read a article from the associated press here which is quite sad. No it's not what you think, just like Muscle March. For some strange reason the CDC or better known as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. I know it should be CDCP, but for some reason its not. The CDC waisted time and money to watch family movies like Elf and Yours, Mine and Ours to see if the characters in the movie abide by safety laws or common sense. Such as wearing bicycle helmets or people using crosswalks. Why CDC? Why are you wasting time doing this? Your job is to prevent disease outbreak or help people if a zombie virus happens, not watch family movies and look for meaningless crap. Its damn it ... it is truly sad to me that Jon Eric Tongren waisted many, many people's time doing this. He wasn't the only person to work on the project which makes me question how many people watched those movies, studied the movies and did not give a crap about wasting your money on this worthless study.

Here's the meaningless statistics

-56 percent of car passengers wore seat belts, versus 35 percent and 27 percent

-35 percent of characters used crosswalks, versus 15 percent and 16 percent

-25 percent of bicyclists wore helmets, versus 15 percent and 6 percent

-75 percent of boaters wore life jackets, versus none and 17 percent

Some unsafe behavior increased, including riding motorcycles without a helmet

That's really helping cure diseases and preventing them.

Jon Eric Tongren You Suck