Friday, May 3, 2024

Tournament of Cheeseburgers


Oh, this, this is what we live for. LAist has teamed up with Smorgasburg to have the first ever Tournament of Cheeseburgers. Starting now until the end of June you can vote on your favorite place to munch down burgers with cheesy goodness upon them, only in SoCal. Then, on July 7th at Smorgasburg they'll crown the winner.

To be a part of it, just submit your favorite cheeseburger place here. If it wins, it and 7 other burger joints will be invited to sell their burgers at Smorgasburg July 7th  and the revealed winner will take the crown that day.

Love this from the press release: "This event, in partnership with Smorgasburg LA, will be a fun-filled, family-friendly day of food and drink, live entertainment, and interactive games and activities, all showcasing the rich tapestry of cheeseburger culture and bringing together the Los Angeles community."

"... all showcasing the rich tapestry of cheeseburger culture...." which is very true.

This event celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the supposed first cheeseburger in Pasadena and the reason behind what you might us recall writing about year after year, Cheeseburger Week.

This sounds like a delicious tournament, one that might require you to test many of the contestants. 

Will update you with any Cheeseburger updates or at the very least the top eight and winner. Start munching!