Thursday, May 23, 2024

June Plans: Anime Riverside, Bleak Weak & New Bev Schedule

Anime Riverside, June 1st & 2nd at the Riverside Convention Center is kicking off next month and they have so many voice actors from heavy hitter animes. It might be a good chance to prep for Anime Expo in July too. 

As we've said before, we went last last year and we were impressed by how the event takes over downtown Riverside. Cosplayers, otaku and plenty of merch stretch out all over the city. And, we really liked the anime themed wrestling. 

Check out Panels here. There's quite a good amount of them.

We'll give you updates with less than weeks to go till this one starts up.

Check AR's Twitter for the latest updates on who and what's gonna be there.

There's also these two killer events on Saturday there.

Jojo Pose off Competition - 4:00 PM *Interactive/Huge Prize Competition
Naruto Panel Room A

Oh Dio, we are doing this?! Come compete against fellow attendees to become the best meme of Anime Riverside! How far can YOU lean?

Super Saiyan Scream-off Competition - 5:00 PM *Interactive
Naruto Panel Room A

We’ve all tried to go Super Saiyan, right? Do you have what it takes? Come scream and scare the Trunks off us with your mighty roars!


'Bleak Week: Cinema of Despair - Year 3'
Sat. Jun 1 - Fri. Jun 7, 2024
Aero Theatre, Egyptian Theatre and Los Feliz 3
What's so crazy about this one is that so many directors are coming to show off their utterly depressing work. And, it's really all crammed into one week.
In-person guests include: Jerry Schatzberg, Al Pacino, Kenneth Lonergan, Lynne Ramsay, Charlie Kaufman, Lynne Littman, Elliott Gould, Michael Rooker, Allen Hughes, Bernard Rose, Karyn Kusama, Steve De Jarnatt, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi and Don Hertzfeldt
We're giving you a heads up, because we can see some of these selling out (some already have) and because, once again, we love the concept.

We say go deeper and have tissues packs with the Bleak Week logo on them. 
Maybe a showing of The End of Evangelion, we're not seeing much Japanese love. And, boy, do they know how to communicate messed-up sadness.