Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Meow Wolf LA 2026

Meow Wolf is coming to LA! That's all we get and that the newest experience seems to be set at the site of a former movie theater and will involve something about a ritual, set for a 2026 launch. 
For those who don't know, Meow Wolf is the name of art collective that has built fascinating experiences to wander an explore. It's like a special theme park attraction you can keep coming back to. Sadly, it isn't free, so expect to grab tickets when it opens a few years from now.

The closes Meow Wolf experience to us now is Vegas' Omega Mart, a parody of the giant retailers like Costco or Walmart with a store with no limits in the sense of  a sci-fi twist. The store is all kinds of weird and seems like it's connected to other dimensions and houses things that shouldn't exist.

Whatever Meow Wold LA has planned is given scant details it the piece in the LA Times' Meow Wolf supercharged the way we experience art. Is L.A. ready for the wild ride?
Whatever crazy nonsense it is, we can't wait for it!