Friday, May 24, 2024

Horror Hype: In a Violent Nature & Return to Silent Hill?

We've been waiting on this one and hearing the hype. A slasher film that's insanely brutal, on the level of Terrifier, but also artistic and artsy, count us in. The premise is you're with the undead slasher the whole time; so from a third person point-of-view you follow him as he comes back to life and goes after a new crop of stupid teenagers.

There's no pause, you just stay with the brutal killer has he transverses nature and cinema...woah.

The hype has come from film festvals, like Sundance and critic reviews being quite positive.

And, then you have Steven Kostanski helping on the film. He's the director of some of our favorite horror films/messed-up movies like PG Psycho Goreman and The Void.

It'll be out in theaters May 31st, but then it'll be on Shudder some time later this year.

Then, the strangest news was hearing a sequel to first Silent Hill movie was being made from the original director Christophe Gans. It's based on Silent Hill 2 game. We really like the first film and like most people don't want to remember the sequel he didn't direct.

No date on when it's coming out.