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Monday, October 30, 2023

Screaming, We Mean Streaming Horror: Five Nights At Freddy's, V/H/S/85, Totally Killer & More

Had the annual Horrothon for the TTDILA crew over the weekend and have to say all of the films in this post are perfect viewing for Halloween. All are avaible online for streaming via their respective streaming services, which you probably have at least one of.
Freddy's is best with a group of friends. The animatronic robot monsters were made by none other than the Jim Henson Creature Shop, so they look super frightening in every scene. Didn't care for the lead actor, but he's not why were watching it. It's for Freddy and his friends.
85 and Totally Killer also work if you want some dark laughs with your scares. Both capture the spirit of the 80's perfectly.

If you want some pure misery horror that doesn't go easy, there's also When Evil Lurks. It's a slow, brutal affair. Not fun for parties.

Gotta mention Talk To Me & No One Will Save You as great new horror releases you might want to see by yourself if in the scary mood.

And, finally a reminder to check out last year's favorite Deadstream. Mocking how far we've gone with streamer culture.