Monday, October 30, 2023

Halloween Heads Up: They Follow, Haunted Little Tokyo, Aero Horrothon, I'm A Werewolf & More

 Here's a roundup of horror news & bits that got us excited.

Shibuya Unveils Graphics Discouraging Halloween Parties in Their Ward


Japan’s Jimi ‘Mundane’ Halloween Costumes of 2023

One of our favorite Halloween posts of the year, the annual mundane costume contest from Japan.


Knott’s Berry Farm offering ‘scare immunity’ necklace for Halloween event

Love this insane opinion piece on the new no scare necklace at Knott's Scary Farm

Opinion: Knott’s Scary Farm 'No Boo!' Necklaces Suck the Spirit Out of Halloween

 "When will the madness end? Will poltergeists become "polite-tergeists," required to ensure that all their ectoplasmic actions are carried out with proper consent?"

 *Not sure if the person who wrote the piece read that immunity necklace is only good outside the mazes.

You know, thinking about, I'm pretty sure Jeff Rabhan hasn't even gone to Knott's Scary Farm as The Hanging: Uncancelled Show has been there for this Halloween and it's so anti-woke he would love it. The level of cringe humor here is at an all time high.