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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Halloween Hype: McDonald's Boo Bucket Tote Bags Canada Exclusive, Shibuya Says No Halloween, Dwellings, "Haunted by a Moment of Inaction" & More


We've updated our Halloween Guide with more haunts, events and screenings as we get to Halloween proper.  Be sure to check it out as there's so many scary things to do.






SoraNews is reporting on how the government of Shibuya, Japan doesn't want to deal with Halloween anymore. It seems its gotten rather big there and causes some problems with the celebrating. Now instead of embracing it and maybe having more cops or city staff on hand or telling people what's nice to do there going on a full campaign that there be no Halloween. With lovely banners and billboards as you can see above.

This creepy comic tomb may look at first like it's for kids, but it's really a dark adult book about some really messed up horror. Dwellings had me glued to every page wondering how things would get worse and of course they did. We really liked it. Grab it and feel like you're reading an A24 horror film.

Synopsis:Welcome to Elwich—an oasis of small-town perfection, where the schools overflow with cheery-eyed children, lovingly adorned homes line the historic boulevards . . . and only the crows can see the deep, festering rot that lurks beneath the pristine surface.


Elwich has them all on offer—and behind every dwelling awaits a horrifying new story to be told.

"Haunted by a Moment of Inaction" by Kilian McMann is a lovely reminder of how creepy The Ritual was. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and stream it now.


Still love this send-up of Resident Evil from Harry Partridge