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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Halloween 2023: New Horror Movies, Burger King Joins The Fight & More

There's just so much Halloween to do! I ain't liking Christmas encroaching, when I haven't even gotten to enjoy the Halloween season! Here's just some of the stuff that came across my screen.

I love this directors work, so I can't wait to give his latest a try.

If anyone saw Barbarian last year, you can't wait to see what horrible fate happens to Justin Long in his latest horror endeavour. And, in all places in a new Goosebumps series?  Goosebumps 2023 starts Oct 13th on Disney+ and Hulu.

It's hard to believe we're on the second sequel of 12 Cameras. The horror story about a perv watching people and then well, bad stuff. The series is garbage. But, garbage I don't want to miss. It's in select theaters this Friday.

McDonald's will have the Boo Buckets back on Oct 17th

Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries and brings back the fan-favorite Ghost Pepper Whopper starting Oct 12th.

Dutch Bros has some Halloween menu items coming this Sunday.

SONIC Drive-In Introduces New Trick or Treat Blast

It looks like a mess.