Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Halloween 2023 Early Plans, Grab Tickets Now For Haunts & Other Scary Events

Oh, we know it's early, but tickets are starting to go on sale for Halloween stuff in ... September. We're gonna try and hold off till until next month, but expect our Master List around then for all Halloween based SoCal activities broken down by haunt, special screening and event.

For now, here's not all, but a few places you can start grabbing tickets for your scares.
First up we're telling you about 

Select nights from Thursday, September 7 through Tuesday, October 31

Gotta say, kind of amazed at the amount of haunts connected to current content like Chucky, The Last of Us and Stranger Things 4 and Evil Dead Rise. Kind of amazed they didn't make a Twisted Metal one.

The full line-up of the fear that awaits follows in eight haunted houses and Universal Studios
Hollywood’s exclusive Terror Tram:

  -  “The Last of Us” engrosses guests in a struggle to survive against fearsome Clickers, Bloaters, and more from Naughty Dog and PlayStation's award-winning video game.
-    “Stranger Things 4” transports guests to Hawkins, Indiana where they will face off against the evil Vecna in the fourth season of Netflix’s original series.
-    “The Exorcist: Believer” invites visitors into a terrifying new beginning in horror, as two families battle a sinister demonic force that has possessed their young daughters.
-    “Universal Monsters: Unmasked” expands on the Universal Monsters legacy with horror icons The Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera and The Hunchback of Notre Dame coming together for the first time ever in a chilling new story.
-    “Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count” features the infamous slasher doll and his best kills throughout the hit USA & SYFY series and cult classic films.
-    “Evil Dead Rise” brings guests to a new twisted tale, based on New Line Cinema’s return to the iconic horror franchise and 2023 box office hit.
 -   “Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America” includes the most terrifying ghosts and creatures from Latin American folklore.
-    “Holidayz in Hell” takes visitors on a petrifying trip through a series of psychotic seasonal celebrations.
-    “Terror Tram…The Exterminatorz” puts guests on the world-famous Universal backlot and in
the middle of an insect uprising led by the devious Larry Larva whose goal is to exterminate humans from the Earth. Horror fans will also walk along the Jupiter’s Claim set from Nope where they will encounter The Tethered from Us in an epic crossover from two of director Jordan Peele’s blockbusters.

A plethora of horror-themed food and drink items will be available to whet the scariest of appetites. Must be 21 years or older with valid photo identification to purchase or drink alcoholic beverages.
    -“Stranger Things” fans can visit Surfer Boy Pizza for a variety of pizza flavors, Scoops Ahoy for tasty ice cream creations and a new 80’s themed Stellar Bar with mixed cocktails.
  -  Quick service restaurant Hollywood & Dine will transform into a “Chucky”-themed BBQ featuring brisket and Nashville popcorn chicken sandwiches, pulled pork macaroni and cheese, funnel cakes and themed drinks.
   - The Carl Laemmle Patio will feature Peacock’s Halloween Horror Bar with themed cocktails from The Purge and “Chucky” and photo opportunities with scareactors.
-    Universal Plaza will serve up a celebration in honor of Dia de Los Muertos featuring an array of Latin Folklore-themed cocktails, Lil Cocina Taco Stand and a margarita bar.
Select nights from September 21 through October 31
$tarts at $59 and up

Knott's marks its 50th year of scaring the Hell out of SoCal residents for 2023, making them an institution of frights. Details on what's taking place will go happen on a already sold out event on Aug 24th.
So far, we know a lot's going into this year with over a thousand monsters running around to scare you. Ten mazes, five scare zones and four horror shows. Whatever's coming don't expect Scary Farm to lie down to other haunts. It'll rise from it's grave to try and be the scariest place this season just for how long they've been doing it.

Next we have starting even earlier

September 1 to October 31, 2023

Disneyland and California Adventure get decked out early so more people have the chance to enjoy the Halloween theme if it only lasted a month. Check the site for specifics, but this is more for the family friendly side and not the side that likes jump scares.

The newcomer

September 29 – October 29 Select Nights
$tarts at $25
 Experience Eternal Echoes, Wayward Souls, The Void, and the VIP Delirium this Fall.
Promising an unforgettable experience that goes beyond fear and beyond reality, ScareScape will offer spine-tingling, locally designed mazes created to confront and amplify a few of humankind’s most common phobias. Even before entering into the ScareScape grounds, each ticket holder embarks on an exclusive shuttle ride to the summit, setting the stage for an unforgettable encounter with a nightmare come-to-life. 

 A hair-raising experience for the senses, thrill seekers must find and feel their way through total blackout in The Void. Immersing guests in a truly nightmarish dimension, the Eternal Echoes maze will bring to life a menagerie of vengeful spirits. Not for the faint of heart, Wayward Souls presents a cursed rendition of the living plane in a haunted house. Delirium, invites VIP ticket holders into a macabre world of flashing lights, haunting melodies, and twisted clowns and carnies.

Leaving haunts we have the return of

September 15th through November 19th, 
with performances scheduled Thursdays through Sundays
Tickets start at $200 and are for ADULTS ONLY (21+).
In order to preserve the carefully curated structure and intimate nature of the show, tickets are
limited to only 18 guests per performance.
This interactive play your a part of is back for a fifth time. And, we've enjoyed it, you can read about our experience here, where it's spoiled for you or read the skinny on the place below.

Just know it starts off as a dinner party that get weirder and weird as your evening goes on.

Once again the actors involved did some amazing work and if any of them are SAG-AFTRA too, this is
probably the only money they will be making for a while, so please support them. Even if that wasn't going on, gotta say the family usually leaves you going what the Hell is wrong with these people?

"The Willows transports guests into the captivating world of the Willows family, offering an unparalleled immersive experience that blurs the lines between theatre and reality. As active participants in the evening's events, audiences become entwined in an unfolding narrative, delving deep into the mysteries and dynamics of the Willows family. The Willows has redefined the immersive theatre genre, captivating audiences with its innovative approach, thrilling storyline, and iconic characters. Prepare to be transported to a world of suspense, mystery, and old-school charm as JFI Productions invites you to come home and experience The Willows."

September 28 - October 31, 2023
Thursday-Sunday, plus October 30 & 31 
$25 per person; $20 for Members
Tickets on sale August 24
Just in time for Halloween, the Natural History Museum will transform its Nature Gardens into a hauntingly whimsical interactive light-up experience for all ages. Featuring familiar sights for long-time Boney Island fans – skeletons performing rope tricks, levitating through hoops, shadow puppetry and more – NHM will put its own spin on the event with artistic performances, real fossils, live animal presentations, trick-or-treating, and other ghoulishly glowing installations. Explore and wander through the garden paths, as creepy crawlies, silly skeletons and carnivores from the Cretaceous abound!
The Simpsons producer Rick Polizzi created Boney Island for his family more than 20 years ago. It grew from a front yard display to a huge affair in Griffith Park with a cult-like following of Halloween lovers of all ages. The attraction closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, after a three-year hiatus, the crowd-pleasing event will be resurrected in Exposition Park.
September 17 through November 26
The Natural History Museum
Admission: $8 timed ticket required in addition to museum admission or free with membership
This one-of-a-kind seasonal pavilion gives you a rare glimpse into the secret life of spiders. Stroll through to see hundreds of orb weavers and their amazing webs all around you, and then enter the den to peer into enclosed habitats housing species ranging from tarantulas to jumping spiders. 

24th Annual Day of the Dead Celebration
Saturday, October 28th 2023
Hollywood Forever
6000 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90038

 πŸŒž DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (9am-3pm) 🌞 Experience the beauty of cultural rituals and artistic performances in the warm embrace of the sun. Delight in the enchanting Children's Village and explore over 150 Aztec dancers and performers on four spectacular stages. Indulge in delectable food, captivating crafts, and the spirit of togetherness. $35.00 - $150.00

πŸŒ™ NOCHE DE LOS MUERTOS (5pm-12am) πŸŒ™ As the sun sets, the festivities reach new heights. Prepare to be mesmerized by the electrifying beats of Bomba Estereo, as they ignite the night with their sensational music. Join the jubilant crowd as we dance under the stars, celebrating life and paying tribute to our beloved ancestors. $60.00 - $250.00