Thursday, August 31, 2023

Japan Foundation "BTW, We're In Charge of Arts & Culture events in 13 States"


Was looking forward to reporting on our local Japan Foundation showing the film Samurai Cat for free, but turns out the showings are in Alaska?

You might be going, "Wait, what?" Yeah, apparently Japan Foundation has a huge stretch.

Their latest newsletter just simply states that many of us should know that they have to provide culture to a lot of states, not just LA, the state of California and surrounding states and non-continental, cuz Alaska.

Here's the easy-going latest newsletter explaining something I don't recall about the organization:

"This month, we are taking the show on the road as we bring our samurai workshop and movie screening to the largest state in the country - Alaska. We will be making two stops in the cities of Fairbanks and Anchorage so come on out and learn the ways of the sword with "Burai." You may be wondering why Alaska and as you may know, we are in charge of Arts & Culture events for the 13 states west of the Rocky Mountains and from time to time we travel to other states within the area we represent. Our events have taken us to many states in the western half of the country while our New York office manages the states east of the Rocky Mountains."
It does sound like fun, I just wish it was here.
I think our local Japanese organizations need to not stretch themselves out that thin or maybe work together to have more engaging events locally.
Japan Foundation is having this event locally,  
Saturday, September 9th 1:00 ~ 4:30PM
Free To Attend RSVP Required

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