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Friday, August 4, 2023

Weekend Recommends: Pikmin 4 & Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Subspace Rhapsody


Pikmin 4 has been out for three weeks so far and it still has our attention. This 4th entry in the series has you once again using tiny plant people to grab treasures (everyday items) and kill strange bugs and creatures. The game looks amazing as you call your little Pikmin to do your bidding be it in a garden, backyard or even someone's house? See your stature is just a bit bigger than the Pikmin you command, so the whole wide world isn't much bigger than maybe a reasonably sized house.

It doesn't feel that way as it'll take you time to explore and figure out puzzles on how to unlock other areas.

Oh, and along the way you'll have a canine-like pet to shepherd you and your Pikmin through obstacles. Even aliens need dogs.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Subspace Rhapsody is episode 9 in Season 2 and...well, it's fun.

A phenomenon in space causes the crew to join in and sing musical numbers. For any Star Trek fan it'll make you laugh. They really did try their best to make it a fun episode where they break into song...oh and it might end up destroying the entire fleet.

This episode and Episode 7, Season 2 "Those Old Scientists" where we have a crossover with Lower Decks-it's like a fan of Star Trek got to be on the show-are some of the best trek in years.

You can already grab the songs online here