Thursday, August 17, 2023

Fantastic Fest Begets Beyond Fest: The Invisible Fight


In a few weeks, Fantastic Fest (September 21 - September 28) heads back to Texas, possibly the best dang film festival in these United States. It gives us a look at the programming that might be coming to our own Beyond Fest that takes places a month later in October.

Everyone's hyping the opening night film of the reboot of The Toxic Avenger and I say who cares? I don't think it's gonna capture the 80's gross-out humor that only Troma and Lloyd Kaufman could make.

However, I'm all in for The Invisible Fight. A grin grew upon my face when I stumbled upon the only clip I could find online. A homage to martial arts movies of the past in one of the oddest locations, the USSR.

After Rafeal is left alive after an attack on a Soviet outpost he wishes to learn the ways of the three men
who defeated everyone else there. That means joining a Eastern Orthodox monastery as no other place teaches martial arts. We follow Rafeal as he learns the way of the martial artists training in the monastery under his own master.

From Director Rainer Sarnet comes a martial arts comedy like no other.

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This one is, is the one I'll be waiting for to come out stateside or at least LA side.

Look for The Invisible Fight and other films you might care about here.

Gotta love the sick garbage that AGFA has coming out there too

Inglorious Critters & Glorious Restorations

"This year’s repertory sidebar is dedicated to creepy crawlies. Centered around the North American Premiere of the spider-infested horror film VERMIN, Fantastic Fest programmers in partnership with the American Genre Film Archive are bringing you a trio of critters to haunt your nightmares, with THE NEST, BUGGED!, and CENTIPEDE HORROR. Our friends at AGFA are also bringing two newly restored 35mm prints to the fest: the artful nightmare MESSIAH OF EVIL, and THE CULT OF AGFA TRAILER SHOW."