Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Stranger Things: The Experience This November


 Woah, we might be a year from a new season from Stranger Things, but that's not stopping the hype here in LA.

From the press release:

Los Angeles, CA (September 2022) -- The year is 1986. The town is Hawkins. But the location is Los Angeles. Netflix and experience discovery platform Fever have teamed up to deliver Stranger Things: The Experience, a new immersive experience which launches at 1345 N Montebello Blvd, in Los Angeles on November 19. Here, fans are thrown into a world of supernatural mystery, enduring friendships, and 80s nostalgia in an atmospheric celebration of the Stranger Things universe.

The adventure launches guests on a perilous adventure through the darker side of Hawkins, including the infamous Hawkins Lab and the Upside Down. This brand new storyline, developed exclusively with the show’s creators, propels guests into a parallel universe where they must run the gauntlet of terrors lurking in the dark and unlock their secret powers to help save the town.

After their perilous escape from the Upside Down, fans will be free to explore Mix-Tape, where they can meet real-life characters from the Stranger Things world, grab a USS Butterscotch sundae at Scoops Ahoy, attempt to knock off MADMAX’s high score at the Palace Arcade, try a unique cocktail at the first ever Stranger Things themed bar, snatch up exclusive merchandise, and even get up close and personal with a Demogorgon.

Join the waitlist now for the chance to purchase tickets before anyone else! Sales will open to the general public starting October 6. Tickets are limited and must be bought online in advance by visiting

Tickets are limited and prices will start at $49 per person and can be booked at Fans can follow @strangerthings.experience for more.