Wednesday, October 12, 2022

AFI Fest 2022 Tickets Are Out

Woah, AFI Fest snuck up on us. Sadly, the no longer free film festival (when did that happen?) is happening Nov 2-6. You can buy tickets now. Oh, and it looks like it has a lot less movies this year, then in the past. Overall, it looks like it's been downsized. Usually, it has a big sponsor and a famous director lending their vision to the event. Not this year.

The overall nicest thing about it was how it use to be free and just anyone could see some amazing cinema in LA. Hopefully it can grow back to once it once was.
Nov 2-6
TCL Chinese Theatre &
TCL Chinese 6 Theatres
$17 and up per film

What caught our eye, was of course, the new work of Quentin Dupieux (of Rubber fame) Smoking Causes Coughing.
The description below says it all
"French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux (DEERSKIN, AFI FEST 2019) returns with another delightfully absurdist comedy, featuring a band of spandex-clad vigilante superheroes called the Tobacco Force – Benzene, Nicotine, Methanol, Mercury and Ammonia – who channel the negative effects of smoking to combat the enemy. When it becomes clear that their group cohesion is faltering, they are sent on a mandatory team-building work retreat. Huddled around the campfire, each tells scary stories, which come to life as a series of ludicrous vignettes. A sudden call from their chief informs the troupe that the Emperor of Evil, L├ęzardin, plans to destroy the planet Earth. They must repair their team spirit quickly to save the human race, but unearthed secrets threaten to disrupt their mission. With delightful turns by Adele Exarchopoulos and Oulaya Amamra and with a fantastic soundtrack featuring cult synth icon Mort Garson, Dupieux’s latest is a riot, unpredictable, ridiculous, and brimming with charm. –Malin Kan"


Here's a few more that we'd like to see.



EO-reamke of a Bleak Week film, it should be terribly depressing