Thursday, October 13, 2022

Cartoon Network Is Probably Dead As You Know it

Say good-bye, new characters. Welcome back, every old WB character. With just a freight train of sadness hitting us every few weeks from Warner Bros, we have Cartoon Network Studios being absorbed (technically merging) into Warner Bros Animation. Essentially it means no new characters being created and a big uptick in older Warner Bros character getting a reboot. Why? Because, that's what Warner Bros Animation does. That side specializes on only using already owned characters and that side will be taking the lead of all animation.

All the amazing shows created from over 30 years of CN, which just celebrated being around for that long, might not be anything like it use to. This is all pretty sad as so much animation poured out from CN. 

You can read more about it at Cartoon Brew, 
but just after the Netflix Animation division basically going under and now this, it's gonna be a pretty sad Annie Awards next year.