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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Shaqtoberfest Is A Real Thing & You Can Work There & Midsummer Scream Next Week

Is it early to be writing about Halloween? The theme parks don't think so as you can already by tickets to Universal Halloween Horror Nights. But, before that, how about you check out Midsummer Scream.


July 29-31
300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802
General Admission - Weekend: $63 // Friday: $32 // Saturday: $47 // Sunday: $37 

A large Halloween and horror convention, bringing all the chills and thrills of October to one summer weekend. Explore multiple haunted attractions in the Hall of Shadows; shop from more than 350 vendors including horror-themed apparel, creepy home decor, special effects makeup, masks and costumes; enjoy panels and presentations from the leading names in horror entertainment and theme park attractions; live dark entertainment, and more" 

And then, there's Shaqtoberfest. Yes, it's real and it's a Halloween and Shaq themed Halloween Haunt adjacent to the Queen Mary. No, I don't know who Shaq's financial advisors are, but this does seem insane. Shaq is teaming up with the people who made the Haunted Hayride, Thirteenth Floor, that make me question if there's a Haunted Hayride this year.
From the press release:
Located alongside one of Los Angeles’ most haunted landmarks, SHAQTOBERFEST will include six thrilling Halloween-themed areas for guests to explore, each featuring Halloween trails, games, live entertainment, food and beverage vendors and more. The experience will be narrated by O’Neal’s instantly recognizable voice.
Each afternoon will provide family fun trick-or-treat offerings and entertainment for children of all ages who are encouraged to dress in their favorite Halloween costumes. Come nighttime, the energetic lights and music turn on as the witching hour begins, unleashing O’Neal’s ghoulish minions into the haunted trails and midways as the spirits of SHAQTOBERFEST are brought to life."

You can also work there and scare people, just apply below.
Please find the application form: HERE *the team will be in touch to schedule an interview/audition.
There's many questions raised by this other than just: What? Why? Like, will there be a Shaq effigy that burns or will the people hired dress up like Shaq monsters? Will Shaq be there every weekend scaring the Hell out of people for fun? One can pray.

Shaq has disappointed me two times now, he was supposed to DJ out in Palm Springs, but quit on the gig. And, yes, while running he is now running a haunt, Shaq is also a full bonded DJ. But, we also lost Shaquille's Restaurant at LA Live. Was it open when I went to Anime Expo? No. And that would have been funny to go to.

It says it's temporally closed online, but that's been for a long time.

So, while Shaq is also in charge of a haunt, he has failed as both a restaurateur and a DJ. And, always as an actor in an Adam Sandler movie.
Can't wait to see what ever Shaqtoberfest becomes.

More Halloween news as it comes in...well, well, before October.