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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Anime Expo 2022 Photo Log: Part 1

After a hiatus of two years, Anime Expo, the premiere anime convention returned to SoCal. Completely sold out and having huge numbers by sight alone. Cosplayers and the anime loving community rejoiced for four days of missing friends and sights unseen showcasing their favorite or niche anime.
Through this photo log, we'll be going over a few insights and just showing off the sights of this convention. We very much missed you AX!

One of the biggest showcases, of course, was One Piece. With a new movie, One Piece Film: Red, on the way and just clearing 1,000 episodes there's no stopping this anime. The only anime keeping up with it in fandom was Dragon Ball, which was kind of low on info and promotion on the recently released in Japan, Super Hero film. Still, if a One piece fan, you could snag some goodies from the Jolly Roger Bandai Namco booth.

-Would love if the Devil Fruit sweater was a shirt.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R had a nice game demo booth and a cute temporary tattoo station. You could be adorned with a JoJo tattoo and become part of the cursed family and get your own bizarre adventures. The funniest thing was the women running the both asking consent if they could touch you. Probably, the first time some of the boys there were ever touched by a girl.

Gundam and Gal Gun had their own booths, their fan-bases still having nice numbers. Sadly, no Nis America booth this year. We miss you, doods.

Netflix, oddly not showing off it's big anime catalog, it does have the latest Jojo and more, did have a neat photo trick with it's booth for Drifting Home. It makes it looks like your standing on the edge of a building.
As always, love how useless the no sitting signs are, maybe put more chairs places.

Odd to see the push for Ultraman, but no word or booths for the recently released live action film in Japan from the creator of Evangelion Hideaki Anno.