Thursday, July 28, 2022

Krapopolis Looks Like Crap, Both Upcoming Dan Harmon Cartoons Makes My Stomach Churn


Krapopolis coming next year to Fox looks like one of the most boring cartoons I've seen in quite some time. Pacing, characters they all seem to fall flat in this short 2-minute preview. It looks like Enchanted on Netflix. And, do you even remember that show? It's got a stellar voice cast that's wasted on what looks like what should be a throwaway skit. 

Adding insult to injury is the show saying it's on the Blockchain or really ...

how they're gonna sell Krap Chickens, NFTs like Bored Apes starting Aug 11. Businesswire explained further that the chicken NFT is sort of like a special game token granting you access to online and supposedly in real life content. So, let's say you get a Krap Chicken NFT, with it, you can access special online content like chatting online with cast or crew of the show or get into a special screening in real life. We'll see how this all pans out and if it's worth it based on a show that hasn't come out yet.  And, from watching this preview ,doesn't seem like something to invest any money into being more a part of.

From Businesswire:

"Fans of Harmon and the program will have the opportunity to purchase and collect NFT “Krap Chickens” that unlock exclusive utility and social media clout, including digital and real-life experiences within the KRAPOPOLIS universe. In addition to being one of history’s earliest forms of currency, the “Krap Chickens” NFTs will give collectors access to KRAPOPOLIS’ burgeoning digital ancient civilization, such as token-gated access to content and private screening rooms, entry to Discord channels, invitations to meet-and-greets with cast and producers, KRAPOPOLIS merchandise, series voting rights and first-look exclusivity to forthcoming NFT drops. will drop 10,420 “Krap Chickens” in total. Why 10,420? Because that’s about how many seconds it would take a chicken to run a marathon, obviously. Each minted NFT will be unique, produced and illustrated by KRAPOPOLIS animators and generated from a wide range of attributes with varying degrees of rarity. All NFT artwork will originate directly from content that appears in the program."

Then you have Little Demon coming to Hulu  August 25, which has a different animation style and just has Dan Harmon producing. I can't wait for it to get off the air as well. Reading other articles online the main sell is that it has Danny DeVito as the devil and other famous actors will voice characters as cameos in the show. Ughh.

The only nice news is Rick & Morty comes back for Sunday, September 4th. Little worried that Dan and Justin Roiland's other shows mean less time spent on Rick & Morty, but we'll have to wait and see how the new season goes this Fall.

Then, there's Koala Man and I don't even know anymore.