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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Anime Expo 2022 Photo Log: Part 2 - Fix Getting Food

There was some creepy and weird stuff there as you can see, this is from a movie that tries to teach about how animal biology would work in human and it's on par with a horror film.
-Wear this anywhere a funeral, a wedding, anywhere is just fine.

Random booths sporting love for Spy X Family, Dragonball Super, Persona & more. Persona once again has so many fans it's crazy how busy their booth can get. They've actually timed it out, so people can relax while shopping it.

Skullgirls still going strong. Gotta love the character designs. Hard to pass up the shirt below.

Was wondering where Hulu was, as it wasn't in the Main Hall. They had their own game show stage, in the Entertainment Hall, where you could answer anime trivia to win prizes. Love they went all out with this concept. You could also earn a free bag, by adding some # to a photo you selfied at the booth.
Round 1, brought the arcade games and my favorite Taiko Drum Master had a long line behind it. Gotta play it this summer.

Mostly steered clear of the Anime Metaverse as it genuinely creeped me out. More on an even weird one later in this post.

We love there were special menu items at various food trucks, but line management and food production are just insane at AX.

We don't blame Anime Expo over the main food at the convention that's the people running the convention center, AEG. Anime Expo can coordinator better with fans and food trucks to figure out a way to order faster or just have that food ready with early orders. It's such a waste of time when you want to explore more of the convention or need to line up for another panel. Lines for food shouldn't be as long as panel lines, lame.

We know there's staffing shortages, but AEG and the surrounding restaurants @ LA Live are a constant failure and they were before the pandemic. With how much time was wasted, we recommend bringing your own food and not giving the LA Convention Center a dime. Same for LA Live, also run by AEG. It's overpriced junk and nothing there is worth it. Bring a lunchbox, have a picnic, but don't ever waste time getting food there again.

G Kids reminder that they have the theatrical rights to Eva and will be showing it in theaters come this Winter, what a heartwarming Christmas movie to see.
Thank you for the perv gift of the Waifu Vending Machine, Waifu Labs. Clear your browser search history after this one. An AI makes your waifu or husbando that you can cherish based on your criteria. You get a picture of them? Sounds cute, but, also very creepy. Best part, created by a small team from MIT, love this is what there doing with their education. We hope SkyNet becomes a real cutie, because of this.

Even with its faults on's good to have you back AX.

Oh, and what's this.

AX is headed to Ontario this year? Yup, November 12th and 13th. No word on where exactly there, and we mean Ontario, California, don't want to make the Canadians thinking their getting it, but we'll give you details when we get them.