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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Game Hype: Bayonetta 3 with Naïve Angel Modesty Mode, SCHiM, Stray, E3 2023 & More

Bayonetta 3 finally has a release date and it's October 28, just a little bit before Halloween. And a new mode called Naïve Angel, where it puts some more clothes or cover's-up more of the skin in the game. I guess it was because it's a Switch Exclusive? Check out how it looks below.

via Kotaku 

The frog jumping shadow game SCHiM looks delightful and is coming to PS4/PS5 at some point. It's headed to other consoles and PC too. Saw it during the remnants of E3 in one of the many online clips shows with bits a pieces of people commenting on so many indie frog games coming out. More on E3 later in the post.

Switching to cats, Stray, the game where you play as one in a city of robots, is out next week July 19th, but a physical version from iam8bit is up for pre-order if you want to wait.

E3 is coming back, but is now being done by the people who hold Penny Arcade Expo, which I hear is very much liked. Reedpop will bring back E3 to LA June 2023. Let's hope, they can make it worth it and bring the different announcements all-together in one place.

via ANN






Looking forward to this Portal-like game called The Entropy Centere coming to Steam eventually. Gotta love that cute talking computer gun.