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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Anime Expo 2022: Problems

Just going over the recent social media feed about AX and catching these two. The first is about the conditions of Artist Alley and second a Twitter thread on entry and overall bad management of AX. None of this is that surprising as these are the same problems that AX gets every year and we're yet to see changes. 
Not sure, how after so many years they can't get air conditioning in Artist Alley to work, many suggesting it's a way to save money to keep it a minimum livable heat.
As for managing volunteers and security it seems there needs to be much more training and communication. Blaming Covid is a bit out there as these are concerns that have been around for quite some time.
Didn't hear it was as bad as other years with Line Con, which was a joke on how bad it was just getting inside AX with lines lasting hours, stretched out into Downtown LA in the hot sun.